Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Survey

another survey?!? darn right! ;-)
another survey from my girl Julie, so you know it's good!


1. egg nog or hot chocolate?
egg nog...the grown up kind ;-)

2. does Santa wrap presents or just leave them under the tree?
Santa doesn't have time to wrap!

3. colored or white lights on the tree/house?
colored for the tree, white for outside

4. do you hang mistletoe?
my grandmother used to and it was always a huge novelty to me!

5. when do you hang your decorations?
my mom is the decorating queen, so, whenever she starts. which is usually before Thanksgiving!

6. what is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert) ?

7. what is your favorite childhood holiday memory?
breakfast at my Gram & PaPa's house.

8. what is on your Christmas wish list this year?
This bad boy:

If not, I'm kinda in love with this jacket:

9. do you open presents on Christmas Eve?
my sister and I always get to open 1 present each on Christmas Eve. And it's always Christmas pajamas!

10. how do you decorate your Christmas tree?
My dad does the lights. My mom, sister and I do the decorations. And my sister always tops the tree.

11. Snow: love it or loathe it?
Love the first few flakes...There really is nowhere more beautiful to experience Fall and Winter than in New England, IMO. But by February and sometimes as late as March, I'm over it!

12. real or fake tree?
Real! Nothing beats that pine-y smell.

13. what is your favorite holiday dessert?
Brighams frozen pudding 

14. what is your favorite tradition?
Going to Christmas Eve Mass with my family.

15. what tops your tree?
An angel. My sister always puts the angel on top.

16. do you  prefer giving or receiving?
Giving! I love giving gifts, especially when I know it's something the person really wanted.

17. candy canes: yuck or yum?
not my favorite.

18. favorite Christmas movie?
It's a Wonderful Life. hands down.
"Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings!"

19. what do you leave for Santa?
milk & cookies...And a carrot for Rudolph

20. do you have a Christmas morning tradition?
we (still) sit at the top of the stairs and then race down to our respective "sides" of the tree.

21. do you prefer to shop on-line or at the mall?
after working 2 Christmas seasons in retail, online is absolutely my preference!

22. Christmas letter or Christmas card?
I love getting (and sending) both, but picture cards are great :-)

23. do you remember your all time favorite gift?
Teddy Ruxbin...anyone remember Teddy Ruxbin?!?

24. what is your favorite part of Christmas?
The night before Christmas

25. What's the most important thing about the holidays for you?

*Apologies (again) for not being the bloggiest blogger on the block. I plan on posting a lot more, even though things are a whole lot busier lately. I've got some recipes to share and a few other things. 10 days til Christmas, Hope you're making them very merry! xoxo

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good Things Come in...Fours?

You all know how much I love surveys--And if you didn't know, now you do--Thought I'd break my little blogging hiatus with this fun little survey from one of my new fave bloggers Ashley

1. Four TV Shows I Watch
-Gossip Girl - You know you love it. xoxo...
-Gilmore Girls- I love watching re-runs on soapnet! It's a Sunday morning Mk thing ;)
-One Tree Hill-See above!
-The Biggest Loser-best enjoyed with a bag of hershey kisses

2.  Four Things I’m Passionate About
-My family
-My friends
-Being "in the moment"
...Oh, and coffee. I love coffee like most people love breathing.

3.  Four Phrases/Words I Use A Lot
- “sweet!”
-”delish!”-Annoying, right? 
-”wicked_____” -If you're from Massachusetts, you know that "wicked" is an acceptable adjective before ANY word (ie: wicked good, wicked fun, wicked cool. You get the idea.)

4.  Four Things I’ve Learned In The Past
-Gratitude. Being thankful for all you have is an amazing way to start your day.
-That biology is only one way a family is defined.

-Getting "unplugged" (shutting off the cell phone, etc.) is incredibly freeing
 -Never stop learning!
5.  Four Places I’d Like To Go
-Australia/New Zealand
-New Orleans

6.  Four Things I Did Yesterday
-went to the gym
-went to work
-trimmed the tree with my family
-started to re-read Breaking Dawn

7.  Four Things I Love About Winter
-The whole month of December! My mom & dad's Wedding Anniversary, Christmas Eve, CHRISTMAS DAY...
-My Birthday (The best part of January, IMHO)
-Breaking out the winter wear (especially my Uggs!)
-Staying in and Staying warm! 

Ok guys, there's my ice breaker. More on my absence in a  few!