Friday, November 12, 2010

Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Culture:

Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Culture:

"Are you a Jackie or a Marilyn?" by Pamela Keogh

Read the Book for a more in-depth analysis of these two icons and which one you relate to more...

In the sixties, blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe was the woman men wanted to sleep with. Sweet. Seductive. Charming. THE sex symbol of the time.
She was every man's fantasy.

On the flip side, brunette beauty Jaqueline Kennedy was the woman men brought home to Mom. Intelligent, Beautiful, stylish. THE First Lady.
She embodied a picture-perfect reality.

It's a more complex question than it first appears. And it's a question that seems to be as ageless as the divas themselves. It was even featured on an episode of AMC's Mad Men (best show on television, IMO)

So, as I can relate to some of Marilyn's wanderlust and vulnerability.
I am (despite a newer, blonder hair color) will always be a Jackie.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Ways to Stretch your Dollar & Stay Fabulous

5. Love to read? Spend a ton at Barnes & Noble (like I did last year) ?
Check out
It's like getting library books that you can keep!

4. Are you finding yourself wearing (gasp!) repeat outfits to work in the SAME week? If you're like me, constantly window shopping and overspending on clothes, where the money could be put to better use on, say, bills...Throw a party! A clothing-swap party! You get rid of some of your regulars and you get new stuff. FREE!
What fabulous twenty-something girl doesn't love a party? You do, and I'm sure your friends do too! Throw together some appetizers, have your friends bring an appetizer or dessert goodie...Splurge on a few bottles of wine and have fun!
If you need ideas, check out

3. Avoid the Target Trap. Target is probably one of my favorite places. Seriously. They have everything! And a lot of it is 20% off!
Unfortunately for you and me, that still adds up at checkout. Realize that there are some things you can live without.
There are some things you absolutely should invest in (a great coat, a pair of shoes you'll get a years of use out of) But the truth is, there are a lot of things you can save on. Some of them, being:
Toothpaste. I abhor the dentist. I'm terrified. So I actually DID run this question by him. Turns out, as long as you're brushing and flossing, there's no need to spend $3.79 on "whitening toothpaste" when you can get AIM for .99 AIM tastes better anyway.

2. Make-Up is a MAJOR vice of mine. I mean, major. I read Allure cover to cover and always want everything in the "Best of" editions. Now, just because a magazine is telling you it's the best, doesn't mean it's best for y-o-u. It very well might be. But it might not.
What I suggest doing is going into a Sephora or any make-up counter that carries what you're looking for. Bring a "lust list" of everything you're so sure you want. Chat up a sales associate or counter girl. Be honest. Ask their opinion on the particular product. Take some time to try it out, if it's a skin care product, ask for samples. I'm not, by any means, advocating sample-grabbing instead of buying. But this way, you'll figure out exactly what you like and what you need vs. what you don't.
There are certain things you should absolutely pay top dollar for (a good eye cream) and then there are things you can afford to save on (glosses and shadows)

This is the biggest thing for me, honestly. I've been a Starbucks snob since college--who could blame me, almost all of my classes were in a building that had a Starbucks IN IT--And I've been drinking Dunkin Donuts since I was fifteen and putting off going to first period.
My parents bought me a Keurig last year for my birthday, and I just got around to setting it up!
I love it! But whether it's the Keurig or a regular old coffee pot, you can make some really good coffee from home.
If you're starting to doubt it, here's a little math for you
Take how much you spend on coffee daily (be honest)
Say it's $1.50
Assuming you drink coffee every day, multiply that number by 365 days
And the total is $547.50 a year

...I don't even dare calculate my own coffee numbers!

Friday, November 5, 2010


The aforementioned chapter 2: "The Dollarless Diva" really got me thinking...

It seems, even with every degree or honor or sorority status, jobs are just hard(er) to come by than they were, even four or five years ago. We know that its a cyclic economy, and it will get better.

So, until the economy starts to turn around, what's a smart, stylish and very savvy girl to do?

NOT being stylish, as far as I'm concerned, is not an option. Recession or no. I've managed to pick up a few tips and tricks over the past few years--Having swiped my AMEX so many times in a day there was smoke coming out of it--And for the rest, I've been reading up on what will help my financial future.

We all like to shop, of course, but my personal pitfall is over-spending on beauty products. (The counter girls at M.A.C. know me by name)

Who doesn't like to look pretty?

I know I do. I also know from hard experience that taking care of our appearances CAN get pricey--highlights, brow waxes, facials, fills, pedicures, you see where I'm going with this. So, here are my DIY beauty tips for you to enjoy!

1. For baby soft skin-I actually got this little concoction from a girl at the gym who was prepping for a body building competition and needed to exfoliate completely before getting a super dark tan. I swear, it's the best advice I ever took!
-1/2 cup granulated sugar
-1/2 cup ground coffee
-1 cup baby oil
-mix together, add baby oil as needed and literally scrub your skin with it (make sure you're doing this in the shower and be careful, the tub gets slippery!) rub in circular motions, especially around your knees, elbows and feet/shins, the places where skin tends to be driest.
-rinse and you will feel and smell so sweet and soft you'll never buy an exfoliating product again!
*side note: the caffeine in the coffee stimulates blood flow and is actually shown to decrease the appearance of cellulite!

2. At-home Facial
I found this one on
I have combination skin, but when I tend toward getting oily, this is by far the simplest and the BEST!

Egg Whites and Lemon Facial Mask


  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice


    Combine the lemon juice and egg white in a bowl. Beat until fluffy. Apply to your face, avoid getting too close to your eyes. Wait for 10-20 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

    3. D.I.Y. manicure

    -First, arm yourself with the following:

    1 large (heavy) bowl, warm water and soap, nail clippers, nail polish remover, cotton balls, a towel, a nail file and buffer, a cuticle stick (CVS or Walgreens) and some thick moisturizing or cuticle cream

    Step One. After washing your hands with soap and water to remove all lotions and oils, you will then remove all of the old nail polish from your fingernails for a fresh start. Once the old polishes removed wash your hands once again to remove the finger nail polish remover.

    Step Two. Shape your nails using the nail clippers or the fingernail file depending on whether you need to reduce the length or just smooth rough edges. When using your fingernail file he will start at the outer edge and smooth across the middle in one motion. Never saw a back-and-forth as this will weaken your nails and make them prone to splitting.

    Step Three. Soak your hands in your bowl of warm water for around five minutes.

    Step Four. After soaking, dry your hands with a cotton towel.

    Step Five. Place a small amount of cuticle cream on each of your fingernails and massage it into your cuticles

    Step Six. It’s not a good idea to clip your cuticles because of the danger of infection. Instead use your Orange wood cuticle stick to gently push your cuticles back and shape them.

    *Another way to save, if you're short on time and don't want to get nail polish everywhere, smudge it, fix it, re-do it, and then wait for it to dry... Just go to your local nail place and request a color change. It's $5 almost anywhere you go, whereas your average manicure is around $12-$15 (or more, depending on additional services)

  • The 10 Women You'll Be Before You're 35

    Being 25, this book title grabbed my attention. The books "The 10 Women you'll be before you're 35" is a tongue-in-cheek read by Alison James.

    I looked through each chapter and found it to be a pretty accurate "map" of sorts. I took a particular interest in chapter 2. But more on that later!

    I put my own definition on all of them. Which one of these categories, if any, do you fall into?

    1. The new graduate a.k.a welcome to the real world!
    The world is your oyster, baby! You're done with the books, the homework, the late-night cram sessions. You made some awesome new friends who will stay with you a lifetime. Every employer wants to hire you AND those nice people at American Express gave you a shiny new card. And so did the people at Mastercard, and Visa. You rock!

    2. The dollar-less diva a.k.a life in the poor lane
    So, that fabulous piece of plastic has started to turn on you. You don't have a meal plan anymore and have to put actual food on your (paper) plate. You have to put gas in the car that was your graduation gift. And as it turns out, despite charging five amazing CK interview outfits, you're not the girl every employer in the world has been waiting for. In short, bills are coming in.
    To quote a very famous Shop-a-holic:
    "They told me I was a valued customer, now all they do is send me hate mail!"
    Time for some serious damage control!

    3. The worker bee a.k.a I can do it all
    You've got your first "real" job, and you are going to be better at it than ANYONE there! You'll come in early, stay late, get your boss his coffee, gain the respect and adoration of every single one of your co-workers and really make your mark...All within your first week!

    4. The party girl a.k.a. call me!
    Okay, so the job isn't all that great. Actually, your boss is kind of a perv and the girl in the cubicle next to yours wears awful perfume and doesn't know when to shut up. On the up side, you're now getting paychecks. Real money.
    You're no longer broke, you're paying those pesky minimums, and you can afford shoes to go with those outfits!
    So, when payday rolls around, you're the girl to call. You are the life of EVERY party. You're legal, you're employed, and the nightlife is waiting!

    5. The body conscious babe a.k.a. vitamins and mineral water
    Dorm living and a year of working and partying non-stop have started to do a little damage on your once-fabulous physique. Hello, cellulite.
    How did this happen?
    Simply put-Skipping breakfast. Over-ordering cappuccinos. Work lunches/dinners/parties. Late nigh noshing.
    And alcohol. A lot of alcohol.
    What do you do?
    You resolve to have the perfect body. Better than before. Better than Gisele...Okay, maybe not better than Gisele.
    You raid Whole Foods and grab every vitamin on the shelves. Everything in your fridge or pantry is 100% organic. You bought a ridiculously over-priced gym membership (Hey, it'll pay for itself) a new work-out wardrobe and butt-toning sneakers. Your regimen now involves waking up before dawn to go jogging, taking a yoga class at lunch, and eating raw carrots and celery sticks, dressing on the side.
    The only problem is...
    Nobody can do this forever!

    6. The chameleon a.k.a I'll have what he's having...
    You've test-driven a few guys. But this one's a keeper. And what better way to show you care than to take on his love for sports cars, Hooters and fantasy football, right? Wrong!
    Try new things, absolutely. But at the end of the day, you've got to do your own thing!

    7. The crisis chick a.k.a junk food + no sleep
    Your car needs repairs. Your fabulous roommate just bailed because she's moving in with her "amazing" boyfriend.
    You're being given more responsibilities at work and your social life just vanished. Now you're grabbing a slice of pizza-or four-with your boyfriend, drinking a few beers, crashing for an hour and then staying up all night to finish that project your boss put you in charge of. Now your complexion is suffering, your jeans won't button and your stress level is at an all time high.
    Wait, isn't college over?

    8. Ms. Independence a.k.a the one woman show
    Finally! Some much deserved respect around the office. A promotion. A bonus. They love you. And why wouldn't they?
    You work hard, you're fun to be around, and you always remember little things like birthdays and other special occasions.
    Now you can put some real furniture in your apartment. Good-Bye Ikea, Hello Williams Sonoma!
    You can shop guilt-free for a pair of Jimmy Choos and showcase the fabulous figure you've worked so hard for in a little black cocktail dress by BCBG or Michael Kors.
    That new car has a few miles on it but it's paid off, and you now know how to change a tire. And you can cook!
    You can do it all!

    9. The whirl a.k.a half woman, half girl
    Bed time is a little earlier these days. You work hard. And you have a lot to show for it. A cute apartment. Awesome friends. A great boyfriend. You've managed to find balance in your life. You enjoy your work, and you enjoy going out on weekends. The gym is for your favorite new class and the nice gals you've met there. Those student loans are almost paid off, and you and your boy are thinking about houses, and moving in together. And maybe even the "M" word. It's hard not to think about, what with all of the 'save the date' cards, baby announcements, and weddings penciled into your character.
    Maybe you're ready for that too. And, maybe not.

    10. The True You a.k.a. I made it!
    Well, I know I'm not completely there yet, but having survived more than a few of these situations unscathed, I'm not worried. I'm actually looking forward to getting to know the true me!

    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    Good Afternoon!

    I started this blog with no set direction, really. I'm your average 25 year old girl. I don't know much about blogging, but I like to write and it seems like fun...I guess my goal here is to connect with other girls--women, rather--smack in the middle of their twenties with all of these thoughts and ideas.

    Who are you?
    And who do you want to be?

    Just curious...