Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good Things Come in...Fours?

You all know how much I love surveys--And if you didn't know, now you do--Thought I'd break my little blogging hiatus with this fun little survey from one of my new fave bloggers Ashley

1. Four TV Shows I Watch
-Gossip Girl - You know you love it. xoxo...
-Gilmore Girls- I love watching re-runs on soapnet! It's a Sunday morning Mk thing ;)
-One Tree Hill-See above!
-The Biggest Loser-best enjoyed with a bag of hershey kisses

2.  Four Things I’m Passionate About
-My family
-My friends
-Being "in the moment"
...Oh, and coffee. I love coffee like most people love breathing.

3.  Four Phrases/Words I Use A Lot
- “sweet!”
-”delish!”-Annoying, right? 
-”wicked_____” -If you're from Massachusetts, you know that "wicked" is an acceptable adjective before ANY word (ie: wicked good, wicked fun, wicked cool. You get the idea.)

4.  Four Things I’ve Learned In The Past
-Gratitude. Being thankful for all you have is an amazing way to start your day.
-That biology is only one way a family is defined.

-Getting "unplugged" (shutting off the cell phone, etc.) is incredibly freeing
 -Never stop learning!
5.  Four Places I’d Like To Go
-Australia/New Zealand
-New Orleans

6.  Four Things I Did Yesterday
-went to the gym
-went to work
-trimmed the tree with my family
-started to re-read Breaking Dawn

7.  Four Things I Love About Winter
-The whole month of December! My mom & dad's Wedding Anniversary, Christmas Eve, CHRISTMAS DAY...
-My Birthday (The best part of January, IMHO)
-Breaking out the winter wear (especially my Uggs!)
-Staying in and Staying warm! 

Ok guys, there's my ice breaker. More on my absence in a  few!




  1. You've got good likes/loves :)

    Gilmore girls. Ah. love that show! And I totally want to go to Australia some day, too.

  2. Love this survey! I am going to do it :)