Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Ways to Stretch your Dollar & Stay Fabulous

5. Love to read? Spend a ton at Barnes & Noble (like I did last year) ?
Check out
It's like getting library books that you can keep!

4. Are you finding yourself wearing (gasp!) repeat outfits to work in the SAME week? If you're like me, constantly window shopping and overspending on clothes, where the money could be put to better use on, say, bills...Throw a party! A clothing-swap party! You get rid of some of your regulars and you get new stuff. FREE!
What fabulous twenty-something girl doesn't love a party? You do, and I'm sure your friends do too! Throw together some appetizers, have your friends bring an appetizer or dessert goodie...Splurge on a few bottles of wine and have fun!
If you need ideas, check out

3. Avoid the Target Trap. Target is probably one of my favorite places. Seriously. They have everything! And a lot of it is 20% off!
Unfortunately for you and me, that still adds up at checkout. Realize that there are some things you can live without.
There are some things you absolutely should invest in (a great coat, a pair of shoes you'll get a years of use out of) But the truth is, there are a lot of things you can save on. Some of them, being:
Toothpaste. I abhor the dentist. I'm terrified. So I actually DID run this question by him. Turns out, as long as you're brushing and flossing, there's no need to spend $3.79 on "whitening toothpaste" when you can get AIM for .99 AIM tastes better anyway.

2. Make-Up is a MAJOR vice of mine. I mean, major. I read Allure cover to cover and always want everything in the "Best of" editions. Now, just because a magazine is telling you it's the best, doesn't mean it's best for y-o-u. It very well might be. But it might not.
What I suggest doing is going into a Sephora or any make-up counter that carries what you're looking for. Bring a "lust list" of everything you're so sure you want. Chat up a sales associate or counter girl. Be honest. Ask their opinion on the particular product. Take some time to try it out, if it's a skin care product, ask for samples. I'm not, by any means, advocating sample-grabbing instead of buying. But this way, you'll figure out exactly what you like and what you need vs. what you don't.
There are certain things you should absolutely pay top dollar for (a good eye cream) and then there are things you can afford to save on (glosses and shadows)

This is the biggest thing for me, honestly. I've been a Starbucks snob since college--who could blame me, almost all of my classes were in a building that had a Starbucks IN IT--And I've been drinking Dunkin Donuts since I was fifteen and putting off going to first period.
My parents bought me a Keurig last year for my birthday, and I just got around to setting it up!
I love it! But whether it's the Keurig or a regular old coffee pot, you can make some really good coffee from home.
If you're starting to doubt it, here's a little math for you
Take how much you spend on coffee daily (be honest)
Say it's $1.50
Assuming you drink coffee every day, multiply that number by 365 days
And the total is $547.50 a year

...I don't even dare calculate my own coffee numbers!

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