Friday, November 5, 2010

The 10 Women You'll Be Before You're 35

Being 25, this book title grabbed my attention. The books "The 10 Women you'll be before you're 35" is a tongue-in-cheek read by Alison James.

I looked through each chapter and found it to be a pretty accurate "map" of sorts. I took a particular interest in chapter 2. But more on that later!

I put my own definition on all of them. Which one of these categories, if any, do you fall into?

1. The new graduate a.k.a welcome to the real world!
The world is your oyster, baby! You're done with the books, the homework, the late-night cram sessions. You made some awesome new friends who will stay with you a lifetime. Every employer wants to hire you AND those nice people at American Express gave you a shiny new card. And so did the people at Mastercard, and Visa. You rock!

2. The dollar-less diva a.k.a life in the poor lane
So, that fabulous piece of plastic has started to turn on you. You don't have a meal plan anymore and have to put actual food on your (paper) plate. You have to put gas in the car that was your graduation gift. And as it turns out, despite charging five amazing CK interview outfits, you're not the girl every employer in the world has been waiting for. In short, bills are coming in.
To quote a very famous Shop-a-holic:
"They told me I was a valued customer, now all they do is send me hate mail!"
Time for some serious damage control!

3. The worker bee a.k.a I can do it all
You've got your first "real" job, and you are going to be better at it than ANYONE there! You'll come in early, stay late, get your boss his coffee, gain the respect and adoration of every single one of your co-workers and really make your mark...All within your first week!

4. The party girl a.k.a. call me!
Okay, so the job isn't all that great. Actually, your boss is kind of a perv and the girl in the cubicle next to yours wears awful perfume and doesn't know when to shut up. On the up side, you're now getting paychecks. Real money.
You're no longer broke, you're paying those pesky minimums, and you can afford shoes to go with those outfits!
So, when payday rolls around, you're the girl to call. You are the life of EVERY party. You're legal, you're employed, and the nightlife is waiting!

5. The body conscious babe a.k.a. vitamins and mineral water
Dorm living and a year of working and partying non-stop have started to do a little damage on your once-fabulous physique. Hello, cellulite.
How did this happen?
Simply put-Skipping breakfast. Over-ordering cappuccinos. Work lunches/dinners/parties. Late nigh noshing.
And alcohol. A lot of alcohol.
What do you do?
You resolve to have the perfect body. Better than before. Better than Gisele...Okay, maybe not better than Gisele.
You raid Whole Foods and grab every vitamin on the shelves. Everything in your fridge or pantry is 100% organic. You bought a ridiculously over-priced gym membership (Hey, it'll pay for itself) a new work-out wardrobe and butt-toning sneakers. Your regimen now involves waking up before dawn to go jogging, taking a yoga class at lunch, and eating raw carrots and celery sticks, dressing on the side.
The only problem is...
Nobody can do this forever!

6. The chameleon a.k.a I'll have what he's having...
You've test-driven a few guys. But this one's a keeper. And what better way to show you care than to take on his love for sports cars, Hooters and fantasy football, right? Wrong!
Try new things, absolutely. But at the end of the day, you've got to do your own thing!

7. The crisis chick a.k.a junk food + no sleep
Your car needs repairs. Your fabulous roommate just bailed because she's moving in with her "amazing" boyfriend.
You're being given more responsibilities at work and your social life just vanished. Now you're grabbing a slice of pizza-or four-with your boyfriend, drinking a few beers, crashing for an hour and then staying up all night to finish that project your boss put you in charge of. Now your complexion is suffering, your jeans won't button and your stress level is at an all time high.
Wait, isn't college over?

8. Ms. Independence a.k.a the one woman show
Finally! Some much deserved respect around the office. A promotion. A bonus. They love you. And why wouldn't they?
You work hard, you're fun to be around, and you always remember little things like birthdays and other special occasions.
Now you can put some real furniture in your apartment. Good-Bye Ikea, Hello Williams Sonoma!
You can shop guilt-free for a pair of Jimmy Choos and showcase the fabulous figure you've worked so hard for in a little black cocktail dress by BCBG or Michael Kors.
That new car has a few miles on it but it's paid off, and you now know how to change a tire. And you can cook!
You can do it all!

9. The whirl a.k.a half woman, half girl
Bed time is a little earlier these days. You work hard. And you have a lot to show for it. A cute apartment. Awesome friends. A great boyfriend. You've managed to find balance in your life. You enjoy your work, and you enjoy going out on weekends. The gym is for your favorite new class and the nice gals you've met there. Those student loans are almost paid off, and you and your boy are thinking about houses, and moving in together. And maybe even the "M" word. It's hard not to think about, what with all of the 'save the date' cards, baby announcements, and weddings penciled into your character.
Maybe you're ready for that too. And, maybe not.

10. The True You a.k.a. I made it!
Well, I know I'm not completely there yet, but having survived more than a few of these situations unscathed, I'm not worried. I'm actually looking forward to getting to know the true me!

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