Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 3

Another early morning workout!

This time I jogged the stairs at the resort...

Since none of were in the wedding party, we didn't have to be at the rehearsal, just the rehearsal lunch. We were so lucky to re-connect with distant cousins and other family members and meet some really awesome people who we all enjoyed so much!

And luckily for us, the rehearsal lunch was at our hotel, so the farthest we had to travel was 4 floors down! It was a such a gorgeous set-up...

Look at the view...

Brian and R.J.

                                                            ...And my handsome cousins!

I'd seen my cousin Brian at the BBQ but was thrilled to see his wife-to-be, my friend, Jess!

Isn't she lovely?

The food was set up buffet style and included everything from spinach salad to sirloin steak and red potato salad to marinated veggies. The big crowd pleasers seemed to be the fried chicken and macaroni and cheese. I had 2 servings. I mean, who doesn't love mac-n-cheese?

This guy does!

The little ones took a shining to Em and she shared all kinds of desserts with them

I definitely took a nap after that feast!

And later that night...

It was off to Catalina Kitchen (also on the 2nd floor of the resort) with the groom and some of our new friends!

Since lunch was so filling, we all snacked on tapas, which were delicious, especially the Mediterranean Platter we spit eight ways. It included fresh pita bread, hummus, baba ganoush. Eventually we did order pizzas (margherita pizza for my mom and me, pepperoni for the groom, meat lovers for the other boys and a super yummy linguini for my sister-I stole a bite or two)


What a fun day! We ate, we danced, we laughed...And I scoffed everyone's leftovers.

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