Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Get the Look

Sookie Stackhouse

As the summer heats up, I'm taking a few of my fashion cues from (fictional) Bon Temps Louisiana resident Sookie Stackhouse, created by author Charlaine Harris and played on HBO's True Blood by the lovely and talented Anna Paquin.

 Sookie Stackhouse is a no-nonsense telepathic waitress living in the deep south. She works nights at Merlotte's Bar and her work uniform is sexy and sensible. She wears a curve-hugging white tee shirt, emblazoned with the Merlotte's logo (very short) black shorts, white socks, a pair of black Nike sneakers and an apron.

 Her hair is most often up in a simple ponytail. Sookie will sometimes accessorize with a pretty pin or a chic scarf--though I'd assume the scarf is more for covering vampire love bites than for aesthetic value.

Outside of work, Sookie's wardrobe fits her character. She is sassy, sweet and is a bit of a Southern Belle in that she dresses in a way that is very feminine and figure flattering. She wears a lot of dresses and skirts and lots of pastels and floral prints and all white ensembles that are understatedly sexy.

An easy and affordable "Sookie" look consists of a few basics:

A pretty floral-print or light colored sundress

a few pretty and fitted tanks


comfy/cute shoes

...and the sass to pull it off!

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