Saturday, June 4, 2011

Daily Bred


While I'm all for frugality in some areas of life, I do believe it's incredibly important to take good care of your skin. My mom always taught proper skin care to my sister and me. And I definitely think it's okay to splurge on high quality products.

Thanks in part to good genetics, I don't normally get breakouts and I've never had acne. I have combination skin, which for the most part, is manageable and I can usually get away with going sans make-up if I want to...My mom probably could too, but she would never!

My Skin Care Regimen

  1. I wash my face twice daily with a soy face cleanser by Fresh
  2. After washing my face (and a million other times a day) I spritz Fresh's Rose Marigold Floral Water on my face. It's a very, very mild toner that is super refreshing!
  3. I love the lotus eye brightener by Fresh. It's like an eye cream but not as thick and it gets rid of any puffiness or redness on the spot
  4. Next, I use the soy face cream by Fresh all over my face and neck. If I'm feeling washed out or pale, I mix a dab of "High Noon" tinted primer in with my moisturizer and apply with a stipling brush
  5. Lastly, I use the Fresh "supernova radiance pen" in "1" all over my eyes, under eye, lids, inner corners. Bye-Bye dark circles. I swear by it. I cry when I get to my last click. (not really)

*these are the only things I use in the summer or if I'm going to the gym. I like to keep it very natural. Heavy make-up is NOT my thing, especially because I'm working up a sweat 5-6 days a week.

If I want to look a little more polished, I use a mineral powder foundation by Bare Minerals (or, Bare Escentuals. I recently found out that they are one in the same) in "medium beige" and apply with the small kabuki brush provided. It evens my skin out and gives a nice, soft finish.
And then I blend with my big fluffy brush.

For cheek color, I LOVE Nars. Every woman I know loves Nars!

Nars blush in "orgasm" seems to be a universally flattering shade. It gives your cheeks that natural flush that they get when you've just finished a work out or....You know!

Fresh again! Fresh has the most amazing lip treatments. I have them all.

My favorite for day time is just the Fresh Sugar Treatment in Rose.

It's just the same as the original but adds a hint of color. I polish that off with a nice sheen of Fresh Sugar gloss in "cherry sugar" and voila! I also love the nude "sugar baby" gloss for nights out!

Lips that are subtle, soft and very kissable!

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