Sunday, June 12, 2011

Diet is a Dirty Word

I woke up feeling like I had to write this down. I was thinking it since before I even opened my eyes actually. Last night I was editing the page on my health and fitness philosophy and how I try to live day-to-day and I thought I should post at least some of it...

It's summer (duh) And for many, many, many people that means stressing about their "bikini body"
Going after the perfect body (whatever that is) and becoming obsessed with how best to attain it. Actually, as a society, we're looking for the quickest, fastest, easiest way to attain it.

...dieting, weight, scales, etc. And, call me crazy, but none of those things seem to go with the fun, carefree vibe of summer. I'm not saying I've never felt the pressure. Honestly, this is probably the first time since my pre-pubescent years that I haven't broken into a cold sweat thinking about bathing suit shopping.

...And working at a bookstore, it's kind of disheartening to see not one, but three, separate sections devoted to diets.


Because it's marketed to us? Because it's in our faces everywhere we go and in everything we do?

I don't know where this obsession came from, I just know that people buy into it. I include myself because I spent years trying to be "perfect" and nearly died in the process. But I never enjoyed any of those summers, because I never felt I was good enough, no matter how thin I was or what my measurements were or what the number on the scale read.

It never made a bit of difference. It never will. The only thing you can change is yourself and your thinking. I may see flaws in myself physically sometimes, but does that mean I'm going to starve and worry constantly when I could be hanging out with my friends and enjoying life? Heck, no!

All of that said, I do not, and will not diet this summer. Or, at all, rather. I work out. I eat ice cream.

And I feel like I can rock a bikini-

flaws and all.

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