Friday, June 10, 2011


This is how I've been feeling lately.

It's unlike me to be really down. I'm generally a pretty positive and up-beat, glass half full, kinda gal.
But a bunch of different factors have made me feel like I'm, for lack of a better word...


When you know you can't turn around and go back (and really, I wouldn't want to)
And you're not sure where you're going, going forward, and you're in this stuck-in-neutral mode...

How in the world do you get out of it?

Exercise has always helped me to clear my head. But because of my broken/re-broken toe, I've been limited physically.
Baking de-stresses me, but the stressed-out part of me only wants to stress-eat everything I'm baking. And then some.
Retail therapy never hurts, but I'm currently only working about 15 hours a week, and who wants to window shop on Newbury Street?
Writing always helps, but it seems that this "stuck" feeling applies to the creative process as well...

So, how do I turn this around?

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