Sunday, May 29, 2011

Break. Re-Break. Re-Set.

The Hospital

...That's what I did with this beautiful 80 degree Boston Sunday. Went to the emergency room, because something just "didn't feel right" with my left foot.

And something wasn't right. Because my left little piggie had to be re-broken, straightened out and "set" with cotton balls and medical tape. I will say that I do have a pretty high tolerance for pain. But having my toe bone pulled straight hurt like...

The doctor yanked and the pain shot up to my knee cap. I think my jaw dropped and then I just burst into tears. And a whole slew of expletives. Then the nurse "buddy bandaged" it and sent me home.
I cried the entire way.

Luckily my mom was home and set me up with ice and some pillows and I commenced the good ol RICE (Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.) protocol.

Since all of this pain and the accompanying nausea didn't exactly have me jonesing for a big lunch, I waited awhile, sipping ice water because it has been-and still is- a really hot day. Eventually, I ate some of the fruit I stuck in the freezer yesterday (with a side of painkiller) and found a One Tree Hill marathon on Soapnet.

Confession: I love One Tree Hill. It's a secret guilty pleasure (shhhhh...) I actually have all 7 seasons on DVD but  since season one was already on, and since I definitely wasn't going anywhere, I started in on season two.

I still watch the new shows on the CW, even though the show has gotten pretty lame, but I looooove those older episodes. Especially the ones with Luke (Chad Michael Murray) taking his shirt off.


So, that was my day. I'll leave you with a little wisdom from OTH

(I am happy, btw, and completely hopped up on goofballs)

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