Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I. Am. Shocked.

No, really!
I got on the treadmill this morning, eager to start day 2 of my www.c25k.com program, 
completed the warm-up portion and started my 90 seconds of jogging
(It's now 90 seconds of running, followed by 2 minutes of walking. But more on that later...)
When I heard this strange hissing sound in my left ear, right in the middle of my favorite track. 
I didn't stop, I just turned the volume up--Maybe not such a smart move--but I digress.

I did my two minutes of walking, and by the time I started running again, I was really sweating!
Then, the hissing sound turned into a sizzling sound and ZAP! The earbud popped out of my ear and sparks were flying out of it. I paused my workout, shook my head a few times, and realized that not only could I not hear out of my left ear, I was numb from my earlobe to my shoulder and my whoooole left arm was tingly.

The feeling (and my hearing) came back after a few minutes, but....
I got electrocuted by my ipod!
What the heck do you do with that?!?

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