Friday, May 27, 2011

Go Fish

Ahhh, my work out was amazing! I've flirted with all kinds of workouts but I always go back to cardio kickboxing at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts. I started there almost 6 years ago and it's my all time favorite. You work and stretch muscles you didn't even know you had and punching a bag relives all kinds of stress!

Such a great start to the day! I had a few "Saturday errands" to run, so I stopped and got a large Dunkin Donuts iced coffee dark roast with a splash of skim milk + 2 packets of Truvia (which I carry with me)
It totally his the spot!

Glad to say that I didn't have to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. As soon as my tummy started rumbling, I picked up an oatmeal-to-go from Starbucks and enjoyed every filling, nutritious bite!

So I did my food shopping and I did deviate a little bit from my list...But only because of a major bargain. ALL Skippy Peanut Butter was .99 so of course I stocked up! Must be my lucky day...

After a crazy-busy afternoon, I went with my mom to visit my Gram at the nursing home. She's only been there two weeks so we like to make sure she has lots of company. My Gram is my only living grandparent and I love her so much!

Gram and Me at Mikal's wedding.

It's always difficult to watch someone you love sick. I've found it to be even more challenging when the person you love has Alzheimers. I know that there's no cure. And I know that, at some point, my grandma won't remember who I am. But I'll always know her. And I want to enjoy having her here while she is here.

So, instead of going out this Friday night, I helped decorate my Gram's bedroom and played Go Fish and Old Maid with my mom and my grandma.

And I enjoyed it.
I think she did too...

I lost...

The nursing home is a really nice place. It's relaxed. It's an old house with a big porch and forest green awnings and a beautiful view of the beach.

The inside is old too, but in a good way. It's like someone's parlor. It's almost like a step back in time. There's 40s-era music, chandeliers, a piano, a fireplace. You can almost hear a victrola playing when you walk in.

A lot of the people there are alone. But a lot aren't. There's even a husband and wife living there because the husband has Alzheimers and his wife doesn't-But she chooses to stay with him. It's like The Notebook!

...You can learn a lot when stop to sit and listen.


  1. holy moly! You did stock up! look at that PB stash! :)

  2. lmao. c'mon, only .99 a jar!