Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm a runner?


I've been working out for a long time. A really long time. And I've done pretty much every workout, workout craze and workout hybrid out there. I started lifting weights to re-build muscle after being in a back brace when I was fourteen. I've done kickboxing for five years. I do circuit training. I dabble in yoga, pilates, yogalates, zumba, body pump. I recently did boot camp for three months. Indoor rock climbing. I've even taken an adult beginner ballet class!

What haven't I done?


You could say running is in my blood. My dad ran the Boston Marathon four times, and even now, at 62 and with a prosthetic hip, he walks/runs a total of 12 miles every single day. He loves it. He can't not run, the same way I can't not skip dessert. He's also coached high school track for 32 years before retiring. 

But me?

I haven't exactly followed in my dad's--er--sneakers. I've never been a runner. I've never even tried, and I've always said it was because running didn't appeal to me. I'd say running is boring. Tedious. A waste of time. That I don't like it. I used to say I'd rather drink bleach than go for a run. Or that I wouldn't run unless I was being chased. By someone with a gun.

In the back of my mind, though, I think I was always unnerved by the idea. I didn't think I could do it.

Recently, however, especially after completing twelve weeks of boot camp, I realized:
If can get my heart rate up and do all of those pulse-pounding drills, surely, I can run a mile.

So, that has become my goal. First, to run a mile. Then, to run three and a half.
I entered my first 5k and downloaded the Couch to 5k ( app for $4.99 on my ipod touch.

But LOTS more on that in my next post!

I'll wrap this one up by saying that sneakers are my new shoe fetish and running is a total rush!

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