Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Impulse Buys!

Okay, so I now know why they say you should never go grocery shopping when you're hungry, but against my better judgement, I ventured out today with my grocery list in hand, and a rumbling belly.

(if you can't read my writing)
Quaker Steel Cut Oats
Cocoa Powder
Almond Milk (2)
Peanut Butter (2)
Green Grapes
Egg Whites

Pretty basic list. And I DID get everything I set out to buy...But my eyes started to wander somewhere near the oatmeal section. And I saw it: Kellogs Cinnabon Cereal. Calling to me.

This is actually the first time I've ever seen this. I used to LOVE Cinnabon. I remember being twelve and going to the mall with my sister and friends on a Friday night and hitting up the Cinnabon, usually getting the original cinnabon and asking for two containers of extra icing. My sister used to want to work there. Anyway, I was so excited to see this old favorite that I grabbed it, opened the box and started munching by the handful while I was still shopping, and a threw a few of these goodies that seemed like they might be good into the 'ol cart...

LOVE Justin's Peanut Butter. But do I need 10 individual packets of it? Probably not

Anyone tried PowerBar protein bites? They were on sale.

Honey Cubes. Probably my most interesting pick. I like honey and these seemed pretty cool.

Hey! Who needs plain old peanut butter when you can have a no-bake peanut butter dessert by Jell-O?

...Okay, so I didn't buy a whole cart full of stuff. And the Cinnabon Cereal definitely did NOT disappoint! But I did buy things I normally wouldn't have if I wasn't famished! Anyone else fall prey to the urge to overload on groceries on an empty stomach?

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