Thursday, May 19, 2011

When the Music Moves You

I had planned on taking today off from the gym, but, to my surprise, I really had the itch to run this morning! I extended my 30 minute C25K workout yesterday to about 50 minutes to really get the feel of the jog...And I was really feeling my playlist!

I love, LOVE making playlists, and I have so many on my ipod. Even when I don't want to work out (which isn't all that often) The right song can sometimes just do it for you! Yesterday's was a very eclectic blend of a few different playlists that made me happy that I pushed myself to lace up my sneakers and get to the gym. And even happier that I'm starting to hit my stride and really enjoy this whole running thing!

So, here's the music that got me movin:

The Distance-Cake (such a classic. great warm-up jam!)
Wind it Up-Gwen Stefani
All the Small Things-Blink 182
My Humps-Black Eyed Peas
Suddenly I See-KT Tunstall
Like It's Her Birthday-Good Charlotte
The Middle-Jimmy Eat World (love this in the middle of my workout because it pushes me past that halfway point!)
So What-P!nk
Won't Back Down-Eminem (feat. P!nk)
Runnin on Sunshine-Jesus Jackson
Hot Mess-Cobra Starship (because this is how I feel after 20 minutes of running and sweating!)
Don't Upset the Rythm-Noisettes
Almost There-Anika Noni Rose (Yes, it's from Disney's Princess & the Frog)
Express Yourself-Charles Wright & The Watts
Legs-ZZ Top
Walk This Way-Run DMC (my favorite cool down/strut-your-stuff song!)

...So, what's the music that moves YOU?

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