Thursday, May 26, 2011

In a Mood

"Have you ever had the mean reds?"
Nah, I don't have "the reds" as Holly GoLightly would say. I don't even have the blues. I just feel...


...More than likely, I'm bummed over being cooped up in this gorgeous weather and not being able to really work out. All because of a broken toe. I've realized that, while having time alone with your thoughts can be a good thing, I'd rather be sharing them. I just do not do well with idle time!

The good news is that the laundry is done. The dishes are pristine. My closet has never looked better. My DVD collection has been organized. My bookcase has been rearranged by author, genre and subject and I made an absolutely out-of-this-world dessert, which I plan on indulging in...

Right about now.

I'll post the recipe as soon as I'm done licking the bowl clean! I think I'll watch Breakfast at Tiffany's too, because now I'm in the mood!

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